Monday, September 24, 2012

Cottage in Anglesea

Before I arrived here, Bianca mentioned to me that we would spend a weekend in Anglesea, near the Great Ocean Road. Sounded good to me! Since the kids are now on a two week break from school (they have this between each term, and only 6 weeks off for christmas) we left Friday afternoon with the plan to stay until Monday sometime. I drove with Bianca and the dog. And Volker drove with the kids. It was nice to have some adult conversation for a while ;)

Arrived around 8pm after stopping to pick up some fresh fish and chips and fish souvlaki. The kids were already in bed, so us adults had champagne to celebrate Bianca’s birthday and a super delicious fish dinner. Went to bed early because I’m still adjusting to waking up at 7am every day haha...that’s just when I hear the kids...Bianca said they’re usually up at 5:30! And that it doesn’t matter how late they go to bed, they wake up early no matter what. UGH.

Here's some pictures of the "cottage" although you can barely call it that... super gorgeous.

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