Monday, June 21, 2010

Goodbye Amanda!

Today, I received some very sad news. My sister heard on the news that Amanda Bynes, one of the funniest girls of ALL time, is retiring from acting for good. She says, "It just isn't fun anymore." Read more here.

So, in lieu of today's sad event, I would like to highlight some of Amanda's riveting career moments in chronological order.

1. The Amanda Show (1999)

Kids doing sketch comedy...who knew? I was so sad when this show ended. I would still watch it if it was on, it was that funny! Clearly I need to get my hands on the seasons!

One of my favourite sketches from The Amanda Show was "Hillbilly Moment" and it went something like this:

Announcer: "It's time for a Hillbilly Moment!" (goofy laugh)
Lula Mae: "Knock, knock."
Eenis: "Who's there?"
Lula Mae: "[object]."
Eenis: "[object] who?"
Lula Mae: "I'm gonna hit you in the head with a/an [object]."
Eenis: (laughs) "Huh?"
Lula Mae hits him in the head with the [object]. Eenis stumbles and sometimes falls over.
Eenis: (laughs) "That's a good'un!"
Lula Mae: "Yup."

I laughed every time!

Another was her character Penelope Taynt, who was "Amanda's Number One Fan Please!"

For the FULL download on The Amanda Show please click here. It will either bring back a flood of memories or just confuse you.

2. What a Girl Wants (2002)

This was when girls everywhere discovered who Oliver James was and immediately had a new obsession.

3. What I Like About You (2002)

I also loved this show.

4. She's the Man (2006)

Where do I even start. I love this movie so much, I pretty much have it memorized. She is hilarious, it's hilarious, there's cute boys, what more do you really need?? If you have not seen this movie, please please please watch it!

She has done some other stuff over the years, but they weren't as awesome. Funny, but not 100% awesome like the others.

Goodbye Amanda! I will miss you!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swimming 2010

Love the high-waisted swimsuit bottoms that American Apparel has instore right now. I tried on the lace one, but wasn't really sold on it :( Maybe a solid colour will look better...?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Short Leggings

I was recently reading through teenVOGUE and they had a spread filled with images of girls wearing short leggings, or biking a summer version of leggings. I am a huge fan of this trend, so I picked some up some black ones at American Apparel for $22, not bad!

Here's some inspiration:



American Apparel:

Fresh Looks

Here's some looks that have caught my eye recently on LookBook...

Friday, June 11, 2010

She & Him LIVE!

SoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo the other day I was listening to my friend's radio show, Pull The Plug, on Conestoga College's station, 88.3. Anyways, they were doing a run down of all the summer concerts going on in the next couple of months. And they mentioned She & Him at the Sound Academy! And I had heard they were coming to TO, but I assumed it would be unaffordable, so I didn't look into it. But then my friend so sweetly announced that tickets were only $34.50!!!!!!

I almost passed out driving.

So when I got home, I immediately went online and bought 2, one for me and one for Julia...the only other person that I know who really enjoys their music enough to go to a show. I didn't tell her right away, because I just love surprising people! But then I was at work and I was chatting with my good friend Meaghan, and I remembered that she is 100% obsessed with Zooey. And I discovered that she loves their music too, so she immediately called our other co-worker, Sarah Applebee, who was at home at the time, and got her to go online and buy 2 more. We were so giddy at this point, we didn't really know what to do with ourselves. I believe Meaghan's exact words were: "I am forever indebted to you for telling me about this concert." haha What a girl. I love her. And Julia. And Sarah.

So we drove down together, had some dinner, and got in line. (PS: the Sound Academy is in such a strange location in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere...) We had to buy T-shirts immediately of course! And then we enjoyed the opening band with the massive crowd, and then our dreams all came true and we got to experience Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward with our very own eyes. We knew Zooey was gonna be amazing, but we had no idea we'd all leave head over heels in love for Matthew Steven Ward. Yes, we looked it up in the car after. All of our breaths were taken away...

Unfortunately no cameras we allowed AT ALL. So this is the only shot I could get on my phone 'cause it has no zoom or flash :(

The Perfect Parka.

So I've talked about how I've been looking for the perfect "parka" / raincoat for some time now. See here. Anyways, my dream has finally come true! I found this coat at H&M for $59, thanks to my lovely tax return :) and I am in love!


So far, it has also worked well as more of a cardigan or sweater over a tank or cooler shirt, with leggings or shorts. The hood also came in very handy the other day when I got caught in the rain!



How stunning is this?

I found this image on LookBook and I couldn't get enough of it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recent Purchase.

Love these for summer. Julia and I could NOT resist, soooo we decided to split them. It definitely pays off to have a sister with the same shoe size, let me tell you! We do this often and it's super fun cuz none of our shoes ever really wear out, and we have lots to choose from.

They have a teensy wedge heel, but you can't really tell. I love that they work as a great summer sandal but also as something to wear with a dressy/night look too!

We just love sharing!