Monday, October 17, 2011


Obviously, I've been watching as much Flula as possible. Thanks Tim.

Cousins. For me, thanksgiving usually just means good eats. But lately, I've been able to hang out with some of my cousins more than normal, and this is great. We've gotten closer as we've gotten older, which I think is a bit opposite to how it usually goes. This makes me happy.

Trying out new hairstyles.

Organizing my bedroom makeover thoughts. Still waiting for the bedroom set to arrive, but in the meantime I gotta get my stuff together! I don't mind the brushed nickel hardware, but I want something more me. Here's some I found at anthropologie. I prefer gold over silver-tones almost every time...what do you think?

Birthday (mine). It's coming up next month. The big 2-2. Have no idea how I want to celebrate though...any ideas?

Everyone loves a good ferriss wheel ride. I enjoyed one last Monday at The Rockton Fair.

Reliving the past. Ugh, these photos never get old :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

camping @ killbear.

hey followers!

thought I'd share a couple pictures from my most recent (and perhaps last?) camping trip. the weather was a bit cold and damp, but I enjoyed relaxing and really just getting away from life's stresses.
I was also with a great group of people, which totally made the trip. the lovely perez ladies (kaylee, jessy & lesly) my wonderful sister, Julia, and 2 great buddies: jaron & brandon. did I mention I was also 5 feet away from a black bear? oh yeah, that was interesting! my parents did not enjoy that story when I got home...

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Bedroom!

A bedroom makeover is in the works! I am super excited.

I got an amazing deal last weekend at a trade-show called KW's Finest. Bed, 2 night-stands, and 2 huge dressers!
Here's a sneak peek...

I haven't come close to figuring out all the details, I just know I want something kinda earthy/bohemian. I've already got this amazing patchwork quilt that I got years ago in Guatemala, so I'd love to finaly incorporate it into my room.

I found these online and was instantly inspired:



I think the clean lines of the furniture will go nicely with the more free-spirited look I'd like to see throughout the room. We'll just have to wait and see!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I like.

I never considered dying my hair red until I saw this photo on Whitney Port's blog. SO many girls (who have been blonde previously) are going red. I just might consider it for some time down the road...

never thought of wearing my lace shorts like's super cute! Kelli's blog is amazing, check it out here.

@therealzooeyd. follow her on twitter already!
(this is a photo of a poster I have hanging in my room. just love her.)
SO pumped for her new show "New Girl" this fall. Cannot. Wait.

pretty colour-fade top. see more of Frida's looks here.

Life Lately...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Land of Wonder.

For my friend Jessy's 19th birthday a bunch of us trekked (sp?) to Canada's Wonderland for a day of fun, fear, and refreshments. I went with the intention of just hanging out and avoiding the rides 'cause I usually hate them. Anyways, I tried out a few, and decided it's a love/hate thing for me. I hate the feeling of falling but once it's over something makes me want to do it again! I think I conquered my coaster fears. What a fun day with a really fun group of people I don't normally spend time was nice to hang out guys! Lets do it again?
See below...

Friday, August 5, 2011

I'd rather be thrifting.

Went on a major thrifting adventure tonight, and let's just say I'm extremely satisfied with my finds. So many cute tops to choose from! Also found the most adorable purse and a beautiful little box for holding treasures...even the most adorable Christmas sweater! I want thrifting to be my job, scratch that I'll do it for free!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Angela & Justin's Wedding

Here's some photos I snapped throughout Ange & Justin's big day (June 18). What a beautiful day celebrating a beautiful couple!