Saturday, August 18, 2012

I hate goodbyes!!!

So, before I begin to share with you some of my adventures on this trip thus far, I thought I'd first reflect on my last few weeks at home. So many awesome memories made with friends and family.

ran into this guy at the mall...glad I got to say goodbye!

we are basically professional sandcastle builders by now!

with some lovely ladies @ the beach

a wonderful evening in Elora ;)

skyping with my fellow world traveler! 

I like this guy a lot...the world can know!

like I said, pros...

the proof is in the pudding folks!

gonna miss these goofballs.

at the Kubassek family BBQ


And then suddenly it was August 13th! And I had to say goodbye to so many people I love!
Although it was really hard, and I cried more than I have in a while, it felt good at the same time. I actually felt really happy in some of the moments that I thought I'd feel horrible. It's hard to explain..

a little teary here... :'(

And met Sidney Crosby... CRAZY!!!

More updates to come! :)
Love you all.

xoxo Kaitlin


  1. wow 3 blogs already! so impressed.

  2. Awww I just got teary!!!! Sigh. You will be missed here!!!