Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Hair...actually 50 more.

This article is THE best. It is a slideshow of 50 different things to do with your hair. I saved it along time ago, cuz I knew it'd come in handy, and it has!

Here's my Favourites:

Bed-Head! "There's nothing sexier than hair that looks like it's been disheveled by a roll in the sheets. Mimic the effect by scrunching large sections of damp hair in your hands as you move a blow-dryer in circles around your head (hold it about six inches away). This fluffs the hair rather than matting it down. Another trick: Rub your crown lightly, like it's a baby's belly, for a few seconds to create slept-in texture."

Turban! "When wearing a thick, turban-like headband, pull the sides down so they cover the tops of your ears."

High Ponytail! "To make a simple ponytail look more interesting, lightly tease the hair at the crown with a fine-tooth comb. Gently smooth over the teased area with your palm, and secure it in the center of the back of your head."

Here's the link for all 50!

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