Monday, March 7, 2011

Listening Lately

"I Receive"

"Accepted, Highly favored of the Lord
Forgiven, By your love I am restored
Not what I’ll do, but what you’ve done for me.
And by your grace oh God,
I stand with my head held high.

I receive Your love,
I receive Your love for me
I receive Your love
I know I am accepted.

Established, Ever blameless in your Son
Forever, I am chosen to be loved
Not by my works, but by your work in me
And by your grace oh God, I stand
With my head held high

Behold all things, have been made new
My past has gone, my shame renewed
You gave your Son, Your love for me
Now at the cross, I’ve been made free "

Been really trying to let the words of this song soak in deep.

"Our God"
Love his version of Chris Tomlin's song.

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