Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Met Whitney Port!!! (Part 2)

What a cool experience. Wow!
I was emotionally drained afterwards...

Jessy accompanied me to Whitney Port's first book signing for her new book, True Whit. We waited for about 2 hours in line to get her signature, and it was worth every second. I was pretty nervous and had no idea what to say. I nervously spewed out "I'm Kaitlin." I'm not sure she even heard that part. Then she said, "Your hair looks so cute like that!" I could have died. I managed to thank her for the compliment and desperately wanted to say "I love you" but me and the girl in line behind me agreed that that would be weird. So I just said, "Thanks for being so inspiring!" and she replied with "Awww..." Then it was over. I felt like I was in a dreamland or on some kind of I-just-met-a-celebrity-that-I'm-obsessed-with high. Wow is all I can say.

She was incredibly nice and genuine, but the biggest stand-out was her flawless skin. Dewy, porcelain-like and perfect. Super gorgeous :)