Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cool is...

A long time ago I used to have a Xanga account. (try not to laugh...)

It was sort of like a blog, but before blogs were really cool at all. I named my Xanga, "cool_is" because of these Keds advertisements I loved that featured Mischa Barton. Every ad's headline started with "Cool is ____________." and featured their "be cool" slogan. I actually saved them over the years because the photos were so beautiful, well-styled, and completely inspiring. I can't seem to find any of the ads now, but I did find a Word document with all the headlines saved in my 'archives'.

Feel free to take a read, and I'll keep looking for the photos...

Cool has a way of happening all on its own.
Cool is always easy to spot.
Cool isn't genetically modified.
Cool is worth way more than a thousand words.
Cool is always colour blind and life isn’t lived in black and white.
Cool is a personal statement you make to the world.
Cool is the voice inside your head telling you don’t ever ever stop. So listen.
Cool is being distressed for all the right reasons.
Cool is waiting.
Cool is reinventing a classic.
Cool is what’s real and ripe and unfailingly juicy.
Cool is keeping it real and living in style.
Cool is having your own theme song.
Cool isn’t artificially flavoured.
Cool is when vintage meets modern.
Cool never really dies; it’s just born again with a different name.
Cool is the soul you’re born with.
Cool is up to you to tame.
Cool is an echo not a repeat.
Cool is the pursuit of happiness.
Cool is being free at last.
Cool is where groovy left off.
Cool is less materialism more material.
Cool isn’t just a badge you wear but a choice you make, fight for and believe in.
Cool is often hard to describe, always easy to spot.
Cool is freedom of expression.
Cool is your mind, open.
Cool is always enjoying the view.
Cool is making them hold their breath.
Cool is living the legend.
Cool is being ready for your close-up.
Cool is finding yourself without even looking.
Cool is time off for good behaviour.
Cool doesn’t play favourites.
Cool is being a good sport.
Cool isn’t a club you belong to.
Cool is the getaway you can’t wait to get to.
Cool isn’t another cliché .
Cool is getting away with it all, sometimes everything.
Cool is knowing where you want to be and then being there.
Cool is being invited to all the best parties but only going when you want to.
Cool is the great escape, getting away, getting gone, getting out of town, getting on with your life.
Cool is history repeating itself.
Cool isn’t a waiting list.
Cool isn’t a fad you have to follow.
Cool isn’t about haves and have nots.
Cool is more keeping somebody in than somebody out.
Cool is a car we can all drive, a place we can all visit, a dream we can all share.
Cool thinks clichés are such a cliché.
Cool is rediscovering the classics.
Cool is a girl’s best friend.

If cool ran the world, the world would actually get along, we would understand each others language without even speaking it, and we’d walk in someone else’s shoes.

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