Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fall 2010 Runway Report from Flare Magazine

Here is Flare Magazine's Top 5 most important trends and style must-haves:

Elite Fleet: This uniform calls to order a formation of olive, khaki and military styles. Last season’s fanciful embellishments are replaced with utility details—epaulets, cargo pockets and leather trim. Sky commander shearling outerwear is aviation-with-a-twist at its best.
Try a novelty military jacket updates your classic pencil skirt for a perfect work look.

Neo-Nostalgia: Hark back to the era when screen sirens, debutantes and greaser girls ruled. From ladylike ruffles paired with voluminous ballerina skirts to rebellious sexy leather and slim ankle-grazers, the emphasis is on femininity. This New Look-inspired style is worn with a nod to the past, shying away from costumey riffs on retro.
Try Cat’s-eye shades, petite-framed bags and kitten heels are playful ways to adopt the nostalgic attitude.

Lush Life: A call to the wild sounded around the world as virtually every designer featured fur (both real and faux) on their runway. The ultimate extravagance, fur gets the everyday-essential treatment, especially when whipped into hybrid numbers combining suede, wool and/or leather. There’s nothing tame about this statement look.
Try making your own hybrid-look by layering a fur vest over a leather jacket.

Spotless Style: A distilled wardrobe of sharp, simple separates made of über-luxe fabrics defines the new sportswear spirit. This isn’t stoic minimalism but rather gracefully spare elements in a palette of nouveau neutrals. Like modern art, this trend looks best when displayed with little distraction. Let the assertive lines of impeccable pieces speak for themselves.
Try zeroing in on your winning shade of au naturel (be it café au lait, cognac or mushroom) and wear it head to toe. The focus is on crisp lines and fit, not bright hues.

Rustic Chic: An artfully aged burnish washes over fringed tweeds, outdoorsy tartans and heritage herringbones. Add in a mosaic of soft textures and snow angel–prints to create a touch of cabin fever eccentricity. Embracing this charming, weathered and quietly distressed mood creates a look that is nonchalant and earthy, yet still elegant.
Try wearing an eclectic jumble of floral prints, plaids and stripes together. It’s the mix that makes this textured mood modern.

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