Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dressing Like a Pro.

I was re-reading an issue of LOU LOU magazine that I got my sister for Christmas and it had an article called "The Elements of Style". Basically, it focused on what to wear in a boardroom/working environment. Here's some highlights:

1. Have the Right Hemline
- "The mini" has a place in a more creative office when paired with opaque tights, but it's best to stick to skirts and dresses that hit at the knee. Aim for a few centimeters above if you're on the petite side, and a little bit longer "if your gams go on and on".

2. Reach for the highest heels you can find.
- They command attention like nobody's business...

3. Ground rules for accessorizing for the boardroom:
- Stick to one statement piece.
- Keep clothes classic.
- Opt for silver- it's less flashy than gold.

4. Let's face it...trends change :(
- Over the years, I've learned how much it hurts to spend a fortune on jeans that I only end up wearing for half a season... SO, I've decided that dressing head to toe in expensive gear is so lame! I'd rather be thrifty when it comes to wearing trends and spend big money on statement items like a good pair of moccasins, an amazing leather jacket or a glitzy accessory I'll love forever.

5. Make a Good Impression (interviews/business lunches)
- Have a luxe-looking handbag thats well organized and in excellent condition.
- Have your cellphone on vibrate!
- Carry a chic laptop bag, or a handy sleeve that will allow you to slip it in your handbag.
- A posh pen...preferably un-chewed!
- A classic wallet...not bursting with receipts!

6. Stay Cozy
- If your office is kept at a frigid temperature, your instinct may be to curl up in a pashmina, blanket, scarf, or poncho (WAIT...poncho? NEVER!) but a cuter and more stylish solution is to keep a neutral (that doesn't mean white or beige!) or subtly patterned cardigan stashed away in your drawer for icy days.

7. Style your Suit
- Add shine, pattern (pinstripe) or colour to the basic power suit for a more friendly look that's anything but boring!
- Don't be afraid to mix and match suits! i.e. your grey power jacket with your black power pencil skirt.

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