Monday, April 11, 2011

The Story of Coco (so far...)

Last August, the SUV that my parents lovingly allowed me and my sister Julia to drive around finally died. We said our goodbyes and realized we would have to be big girls and actually get our own car. We took our dad's advice and researched all kinds of cars/coups/compact style cars, but all the while knowing our dream was to have a little VW golf. It was no surprise to us that all of the cars we checked out seemed to fall short in some way or another. So we went for it and decided to lease our dream car! Her name is Coconut Cream, CoCo for short. (Yes, we always insist on our vehicles having names!)

But, this is just the beginning of the story. From then on, we enjoyed many wonderful trips together to Starbucks and MarbleSlab Creamery that August and September and even into the fall and winter months, nothing made me happier that peering out my bedroom window to see her sitting there in the driveway (minus the time i witnessed my neighbour hit her with a basketball...not impressed!)

Then, one wintery January day I left work at BP after a quick lunch shift. It was about 12:45pm as I drove down Northfield Drive in Waterloo. It was strangely sunny for January as I drove along. I was about to cross Kraus Drive (right at Williams Coffee Pub) but noticed that the walk sign was flashing, so instinctively I looked up to double check that the light was still green, but it was so bright out that I had to squint to double check. Once the sun finally let up, I saw that light was now yellow as I began to enter the intersection. I had been so focused on trying to see the light that I didn't see a car try to pull in front of me to turn left! I'm pretty sure Gaaaaaaaah/NOOOOOOOOOOOO was my only thought in the moment. I slammed on my brakes but it felt as if they did nothing, mainly because the roads were wet combined with the fact that there is absolutely no way the car would've made it through...not a chance in...heaven. I slammed into the car's front passenger side bumper. So basically, they just barely got into my lane. Based on this, I would have to conclude that the man driving decided to go for it, but couldn't find his gas pedal. He was age 75 plus, so I'm not 100% sure what went on. I was going max 65 in a 60 zone.

I will spare you the rest of the details, but in the end he was charged and I was not ticketed in any way because the light was yellow...he entered my lane. But this began a long process of dealing with the insurance company (shout out to the cooperators- best ever!)

Fortunately all rental costs were covered so me and Julia got to drive around a blue Nissan Versa for 8 weeks, yes 8 weeks (about 3,000 kms that didn't go towards our lease) while we waited to get CoCo back. Apparently all City Golfs are manufactured in Brazil and it takes forever to get parts! Waterloo Honda did all the work because they specialize in collisions. What amazing people there, WOW. I was so impressed with everyone. So friendly and helpful...thanks Paul and B!

She's almost back to normal, just got a few minor kinks to iron out. But we are so happy to have her home again! :)
(Plus they cleaned her inside and out...the best!)

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